Kim Goode



My name is Kim and I’m the owner of Electric Kitty Clothing.  I’d like to personally thank you for visiting my store.  I am an upright bass player for The Shakedown Combo – a rockabilly band which includes myself, my Mum and my Dad!  With The Shakedown Combo I have been very fortunate to have played all throughout North America, and something I notice is the amount of compliments I receive on the clothes I wear, with the number one question being “Where did you get that?!”. 


Although I do play on a stage I’m actually quite quiet and shy, and consider myself a “normal” girl (whatever that is! haha)– I’ve definitely struggled with body image and so I want to promote body positivity and loving yourself in your own skin. Playing bass has definitely helped me, I feel like a different person – proud, confident, and unique – and I want to help make other women feel that same way.


The clothes in my store are ones which I have personally chosen, most of them I have in my wardrobe!  They are clothes which I find figure flattering yet unique.  I am obsessed with rockabilly and the 1950’s so most things have a vintage feel (although I do also have a weakness for punk and new wave so you will find an influence there too).


I run the business by myself, if you ask a question it’s likely me that will answer it - because family and friendship is very important to me I want to take the “business” out of shopping and make it more personal – so please, feel free to ask me anything – I’m happy to answer any and all inquiries about my products.


In conclusion, don’t be afraid to stand out.  Be yourself, raise your head above the crowd, be drop dead gorgeous – be an Electric Kitty!